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Discover Barneville-Carteret

from our seaside hotel

Our hotel facing the port of Carteret is perfect for sweet escapes straddling land and sea. On the west coast of the Cotentin Peninsula, Barneville-Carteret (formed of Carteret, Barneville and Barneville-Plage) is ideally located for those who love relaxing amid nature or walking along sandy beaches, hiking or nautical sports enthusiasts, as well as those passionate about architecture and gastronomy. Perfect for families and very lively, the beautiful seaside town offers a great range of landscapes and an unrivalled relaxing way of living. Barneville-Carteret is a special environment with its sandy beaches, fishing and pleasure port, and its Sentier des Douaniers hiking trail, which will allow you to walk around the entire Cap de Carteret. From this cape overlooking the sea, the views are incredible. In the distance, you’ll see the uninhabited Écréhous, as well as the Islands of Jersey and Guernsey. The cape also leads to the dunes at Hatainville, perfect for a family picnic. They rise to 80 m in height and stretch over a kilometre in length.

From the hotel, you’ll also be able to relax in Carteret’s port at the mouth of a deep and sheltered port. Here you’re at the foot of the Carteret lighthouse, a unique observation spot on the English Channel that marks a boundary between the eight harbours of the Cotentin Peninsula in the south and a rockier coast in the north. You can also discover the quaint beach of La Potinière, an historic beach with bathing cabins, or the immense Vieille Eglise beach, lined with superb villas and stretching out over 10 km to Portbail. It’s the ideal spot to walk, go sail-karting or do a range of nautical activities including sailing, canoeing/kayaking, kite-surfing, rowing and paddleboarding.

It was during the 20th century that the beaches on the Côte des Isles saw their first success, when beach holidays were in their prime, helped by to the Paris-Carteret train links. Since then, they have enthralled young and old alike, shielded from the Atlantic by the Channel Islands and warmed by the Gulf Stream.